Friday, October 24, 2008


I was touched by Ganesh H Shankar's article on Dead baby and Mother. Untold emotions and feelings were brilliantly narrated through those portrays. In fact, if it were to be a research article, with plain words, I would n't have read beyond first few lines. Thanks to Ganesh's approach, his photographs have explained beyond words. I always feel that 'words' alone fail to express the feeling.

This particular article has etched in my memory so strongly that whenever I try to take photographs, I try to feel the subject first and then look through the camera viewfinder, can I get that emotion? I did a similar thing, when I went to Nandankanan Zoological Park on 24th October 2008. There were troops of free roaming Hanuman Langurs in the park. Light flashed!!! in my mind. First few snaps were that of few sub-adults and their activity. After a while, I caught up with a female. She looked very familiar to me. Especially her eyes! Very expressive. She was telling me something. She seemed to be middle aged. I stop here! No more words...feel yourself what she must be feeling.


Suresh said...

Its one of the best photograph taken by you. Keep it up.

Amith said...

It seems as if they evolved from us not we from deeply thinking..