Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ekalavya, Drona and Lightening Kid

Score read 6-3, I started feeling a bit uneasy, more so for the reason that I have to be in the same state for next 48hrs or so. A rare kind of breathlessness, may be similar to those few anxious moments before the final hooter, when India leads against Pakistan in world cup finals (I wish, my dream come true in coming years at least). It is not about Hockey, our national game (which has now become 'neighbours pride and owners envy') or some scene of Chak de India. Its about a game, which was born in India, adapted in Europe, dominated by Russians and brought back to India with great pride, single-handedly like Bhageeratha who brought Ganges.

You guessed it right, I am talking about chess and 'our' world champion, Vishy. On Wednesday night (game started at 3:00pm local time at Bonn, Germany, which is +1:00hr of GMT, means +4.30hr or 7:30pm in India), I was anxiously following the moves on internet of this tournament format of World championship. With the Sicilian defense, I felt Anand had advantage on the board and was discussing the same with my colleague Karthick. Vishy agreed for a draw on 24th move, and won the World chess championship by 6.5 to 4.5 with a game to spare. I gave the sigh of relief, as though I fought and won a wrestling with a Dutch! I was jubilant, overwhelmed and touched. So far in my life, the most admired sportsperson is Vishy, although I like Kasporov's moves and thinking (much more than what Vishy is), Tendulkar's batting, Schumacher's driving, and Ronaldo's kicks. For me, no one matched a sportsman like Vishy. The humbleness, the gentleness and above all the patience, that's what makes him quite different.

I wish to call Vishy, a modern Ekalavya, at a time when we know more of Cricket and a bit too less about hockey, and nothing about Chess, he survived the pressure and won World Junior Championship in 1987. Somewhere at the period, my brother introduced me to Chess, but this teenager having a yellow gray striped full arm tea shirt with one hand folded and other supporting his cheek and chess board in the front, has become my idol. This ekalavya is Dronaacharya to me in Chess.

I wish Vishy great chess career ahead, at least till that time, when one more better Vishy is found.


chandrakant said...

Hi,what took u so long to congratulate the greatest indian sportsperson and world top sportsperson? Wish the coverage in the print and e-media matched the stupendous achievement. BTW, yours is a fitting tribute to the King of 64 squares. How about going back to the game for the sake of youngsters?
Once again, Vive La Vishy, You have made us proud and thanx Vishys parents who nurtured the giant.

Dr. Gururaja K V said...

I think, even Vishy felt the same "It was close to doing it three days ago but Kramnik played a strong novelty to win the 10th game and then there was a rest day. It was a bit scary, the wait was too bad"! May be we all chess players feel the same way? I have no answer for this.

Jnaneshwara said...

Hi Guru,
Its nice to know that u r eagely following Indian born, internationally famous sport,Chess..Anand should get some more recognition in India as cricketers are getting..I remember when u won some award in sahaydri college,Shimoga in Chess..Hope u will continue to particiapate in competions when u get time OR still may be playing with ur colleagues,friends when free.."Nice article & nice blog"..