Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earth hour celebrations: The BESCOM style

Majority of us heard a lot about 'Earth Hour' in last one week. People celebrated 'Earth Hour' by switching off electricity between 8:30pm to 9:30pm on 27th March. And many in Bangalore burnt Candles (not their fingers, I believe) to celebrate. I was wondering, is there any better way to celebrate. One thought occurred to my mind is to have 'Full night' cricket match at Chinnaswamy Stadium with flood lights on. Do not mistake me, although at the outset I look very satirical (why flood lights to celebrate earth hour), but it is not so. We could have played without light in the night, but cameraman cannot see those elite people in the VIP stand and major complaint will be from the spectators for not seeing anyone on the ground. I also thought of providing infrared spectacles to all, any way this is how I think.

All these thoughts were taking some shape in my mind, suddenly my wife came running to me and said, 'Guru, street lights are on!' without allowing her to complete the sentence, I told 'so what?'. She is more patient than me, she politely said, 'it's ON even now and the time is 9:30AM'. I was about to tell! 'Eureka', controlled myself, did not express the feeling, otherwise she might ask for the copyright of the thought. Indeed, this is the most fascinating way to celebrate Earth Hour. It's a common practice in Bangalore to celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava till December 31st of the year, although officially it must be on November 1st. So I thought, 'what an idea' these BESCOM people have, they are in fact celebrating Earth hour, although not on 27th, but on 31st March (Important to note here is that they have not forgot, applause for their memory!) and more importantly, it's a brilliant idea to keep all the street lights on in broad day light, which is quite innovative and impressive than switching off them in late nights where nobody would have noticed. Simply keeping all street lights on during day (point to note here is that these street lights are not our CFL's, or tube lights, they are sodium vapour lamp, consumes just 70% more power) and tell the world 'We also celebrated Earth hour' in a typical Desi Style. Congratulations BESCOM, you did it and made us proud!!

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