Friday, November 21, 2008

Vijay - The Cavalry

"Gururaj, This is THE best micro lens in the world, its Nikkor 105mm, 1:1 and this is one of the best Cameras in the world (Nikon, D2x). Take this and shoot what ever you want to! All images are yours and do not hesistate. This is 'on' button, just focus and click" with these words, the middle aged gentleman, who drove all the way from Kulgi to Syke's point at 6:30 in the morning, handed over the camera to me, with his ever lasting smile and charm on the face. I was really touched!!! For the first time in my life, some one offered his Digital SLR camera, that too on his own. Hats off to you Vijay Cavale for that kind gesture!

The camera weighing more than a kilo, my intial photographs were blurr! I even tried, stopping my breath to take a few pictures. After a few clicks, I could able to hold the camera properly, but infront of this camera, my own Sony DSC-H2 appeared like a peanut!! (I stared clicking DSC-H2 with one hand). He asked me to carry the camera with me even after our morning session at Syke's point. Since I was new to micro lens, I went very close to take a frog's photograph. This gave a very low depth image of my frog, which Vijay shot later with a distance more than two meters away!!

For the next two days, Vijay was my teacher, friend, philosopher and guide in many issues under the sun, starting from photographic lessons to leading a fruitful life. Words fail to express my sincere thanks to Vijay - The Cavalry. To know more about Vijay Cavale and his passion, visit


Aravind Madhyastha said...

Hi Guru..
Thanks for the nice writeup on Vijay and link to his wonderful website.

chandrakant said...

Hi,thanx for sharing the experience with Shri Vijay Cavale. By the way, the audio downloads of all the birds is a fantastic effort. But is there a glitch in it? I could not listen to it

Karthick said...

Your write about VC and your experience with him is superb! His is a single man Cavalry to shoot (only pictures)

Dr. Gururaja K V said...

I do not know about downloading, but as soon as you click a bird, call automatically starts. If you can provide a proper link of the page on which you felt the glitch, I would definitely look into it. Best

Archie said...

Thanks for sharing ur experience with Mr Vijay Cavale and Congarats ur half dream came true while handling the Digital SLR camera for the first time in ur life.......?????